Mp3 Music Downloader

Mp3 Music Downloader

Mp3 Music Downloader After copying all music, its not showing up in my music icon .. And when I try to open the music files, it says unable to open … what can i do? They are also stored with a question mark by them ..

I Used: The Ultimate Guide to How to Make Beats from Home – Stuart Baliny – Medium

But dont get me started on podcasts. That is a whole other story. I can’t find the half-dozen ive listened to on a regular basis. They can be copied as well but that would be a pain over the typical sync.

Thanx so much, I got it on the first try. I am not a techie, very clear instuctions when you take the time to read them all, lol.

OK i tried the drag and drop thing for music in the music directory with the specified folders and for some reason the phone LG optimus p925g 3D phone still jumbles all my songs together regardless of folders or not. so my question is. There is a way to play the songs in a specified folder instead of a mash-up of the songs

I use Dropbox and it is awesome! If you have an HTC just follow the directions above. I have a Droid Incredible 2 and the steps vary slightly from what is above. I had to add a MUSIC folder and then copied my music files from my Dropbox folder into the removable device folder list.

These people are thick, an android is different than an ipad i just got google android obvously you need memory card and reader transfer your tunes from your pc, laptop to them and then insert in your android …… .. SIMPLES

i did this and it doesn’t work, for my nexus s 4g, ive tried many times, made a music folder and all that stuff but it doesn’t work … pls help!

I plugged in my phone and nothing pops up, and in the media player center under the sync to device icon there is no device indicatead even when my phone is plugged in. Please help

This worked for me until I upgraded my PC to Windows 7.The files now copy OK but when I want to play them on the phone Im getting a license request.Any ideas?

Check that your cable works. My imac could not see my gal note with the cable that came with the phone … did not transfer data! Only charged the phone … bought new cable now works as it should!